Humanitarian Vision is a place where creatives from all backgrounds can come together to tackle major world issues.


Human trafficking, poverty, sanitary water, AIDS, orphans, child soldiers – all of these problems in the world are massive. Humanitarian Vision’s goal is to use the power of creatives to raise awareness of these issues while partnering with national and international organizations to help them gain stronger media and focus. While the enormity of these issues can be intimidating, we refuse to ignore them.  God asks that we use our skills and abilities to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves – and that we cannot ignore.


We partner with organizations around the world that are already doing amazing work and give them media to help them go even further. It’s our goal to grow into one of the most elite, story-telling media-producing organizations in the world. We are currently based in Gainesville, Fla. but our work is done internationally and we accept candidates all over the world as well.


If you’d like to apply to be a part of the team, please go to our APPLY page.

Right now we’re specifically looking for:

  • Web Designer
  • Videographer
  • Photo Assistant
  • Marketing & Social Media


Thank you!