Answers From Athens

A typical brothel in Athens, Greece.

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** The picture above shows typical brothels in Athens. The light bulbs on the outside is the recognizable sign of a brothel. The number of light bulbs represent how many brothels there are once inside. In this case, there are 2 brothels through the door on the left and one through the door on the right.

Are the girls in Greece from Greece, or just passing through?

Many of the girls in Greece are from other countries and have been promised a better life away from their homes. Often times Greece is where these women are taken because Greek borders are difficult to police. Once in Greece, some women are forced to work here and others are trafficked further into Europe.

If passing through, where are the girls from?

Most of the people trafficked into Greece, whether for the sex trade or labor, come from the poorer surrounding countries such as Albania, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Nigeria.

How old are the girls?

It is difficult to know the true age of the girls. Most of them have falsified papers with fake ages and identities. With that in mind, most girls are typically from ages 16-25 years old.

Are the girls able to break out of sex work and have normal lives? 

Some girls do gain their freedom by escaping or paying off their massive amounts of debt to their “boss”. Even when girls break free, it’s hard to acclimate to normal life without consistent counseling and support. Many times, without a proper support system, girls return to the sex industry believing that this is the only occupation they are worthy of. Despite the discouraging odds, we have have heard many stories of hope and successful rehabilitation.